if neccesity is the mother of invention, who needs weapons? who needed weapons that much that they invented them? deterrant is a word made by the government as a reason for nuclear weapons. whoever has the most powerful nuclear force will be the top dog, the main superpower. they will deter the communist nations from taking over. more of an excuse than a reason, an excuse for killing those less well off than us. 

possibly the most damage a moth has ever caused a human

ironically, as i started to sign up to tumbler i was wondering what id put in my first post. as i lay there wondering in the dark with my phone in my hand, i heard a buzzing in my right ear. realising it wasnt my phone, which i was holding, i slapped my right ear full force.. not a great idea when you have 10 peircings and a 2mm stretcher. my ear is now bleeding and i cant find my 2mm stretcher. and, ive realised my phone wont let me use certain punctuation, capitalise or paragraph this work so im off to figure it out.